Arts and Culture

Arts Council of Long Beach

A great experience for artist and lovers of art alike. Learn about different styles of painting while adoring master pieces from around the country.

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Banning Residence Museum

A breathtaking museum dedicated to General Phineas Banning. An American business man, financier, and entrepreneur. Accomplishments made by the General live on today and have made their way deep into history.

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Carpenter Performing Arts Center

Built in 1994, the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center is a 1,074-seat theater located on the campus of California State University. The stage area was modeled after the New York State Theater of the Arts at Lincoln Center, and can accommodate large or small performing ensembles, film screenings, concerts, conferences and other special events.

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Historical Society of Long Beach

Find out what makes your stay in Long Beach unique! Learn about the city it self and how it came to be the great place it is today. Take tours of exhibitions, enjoy informing lectures and satisfy your eyes with collections preserved from the past.

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International City Theatre

An award winning theatre that brings you exciting performances that are affordable, intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying. Enjoy acts that are professional, and funny.

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Long Beach Museum of Art

A local art museum that has a vast collection of some of the best and permanent art in the country. Educate yourself on art styles and enjoy the changing exhibitions.

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Long Beach Playhouse

Enjoy timeless plays and acts in theatres that are grand with service that is exceptional. Two air conditioned theatres provide comfortable seating close to the stage, refreshments and music during intermissions and before shows, and art and sculpture exhibits in the galleries.

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Long Beach Symphony Orchestra

Enjoy the best classical orchestra performances in town! Different concerts every night make the experience enjoyable for audiences of all ages and tastes.

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Museum of Latin American Art

The only Museum in the western United States that features contemporary Latin American art. Educated yourself on Latin American fine art that has made its way through history from World War II. The dynamic exhibitions and cultural and educational programs are perfect for all audiences.

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Musical Theatre West

An award winning musical theatre that will deliver some of the best musicals in the western United States. With 55 years worth of experience, this theatre knows only to please its audiences and keep them coming back.

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Queen Mary

A historic ocean liner and a World War II troopship, the Queen Mary is now a hot spot for tourist that want to dine in high-end restaurants and want to live in a luxuries hotel. Take a tour of the beautiful ship, with areas restored after the final voyage in 1967.

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Rainbow/Long Beach Jazz Festival

Some of the best Jazz performances in Southern California take place at the festival. Outdoor seating and VIP sections make it the perfect musical getaway. It�s an experience one will never forget!

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Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens

A historic ranch and gardens make Rancho Los Alamitos a relaxing getaway. Come to experience a spread of the past or to ride in old fashion horse drawn carts. It�s the perfect leave for a day out with the family!

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Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site

The two-story Monterrey-style adobe is primarily furnished to reflect occupants and lifestyles from the 1860's-1880's. Built in 1844, the adobe home and grounds echo with the rich history of Spanish, Mexican and American California and with the families who helped transform Southern California from its ranching beginnings to a modern, urban society.

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The Wayfarers Chapel

A beautiful Chapel made of entirely of glass, with over 50 years of service. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, while taking a walk through history.

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