555 East Restaurant

Enjoy superior prime cut beef at one of the best traditional Steakhouses in the Long Beach area, with a casual, yet friendly environment. Adore a glass of wine from the award winning wine cellar, with choices of wine to please any and all.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 437-0626

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Angelo's Italian Deli

Grab a bite to eat at a rare authentic Italian deli! Fresh homemade specialties, fresh bread, incredible Italian cold cuts, sandwiches and a selection of other foods, pastas, wines, deserts and many other truly unique items.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-1977

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Apengo Japanese Bar and Grill

Offering a wide variety of sushi, sashimi, tempura, salads and noodle dishes plus platters and entrees. Beer and wine available. Open for lunch and dinner daily. Party platters available for your next party or meeting.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-0221

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Aroma Di Roma

An Italian cafe offering coffee, gelato and panini sandwiches. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or a snack on our patio as you leisurely read a paper or watch the people strolling by.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-6353

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Auld Dubliner Irish Pub

This is the first Irish Pub in Long Beach to have beer directly imported from Dublin, Ireland. The Pub offers genuine Irish Fayre, premium beers and spirits. The menu includes traditional Irish cuisine. The pub is a perfect place for friends and family to have a drink and have fun.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 437-8300

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Babette's Feast

Babette's Feast is a boulangerie/patisserie par excellence, laying out a spread of delectable, mouth-watering delights that makes you thank heaven above for the gift of taste buds and these ungodly desserts.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 987-4536

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Babouch Moroccan Restaurant

Babouch offers the best Moroccan cuisine in the Long Beach area, with music and dance. An Arabic theme surrounds the restaurant, so one has the feeling of being treated like royalty..

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (310) 831-0246

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Barry's Burgers

Enjoy home-style burgers, made with real beef!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-4544

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Belmont Station

Enjoy great Mexican food on our patio, stay for the live music and dancing.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 438-2026

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BJ's Pizza, Grill and Brewery

Enjoy a festive environment with a wide variety of food and an assortment of domestic and foreign beer.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-8181

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Bono's Restaurant

Ms. Christy Bono's passion, inspired by the eclectic lifestyle of Southern California, is evident in Bono's menu, which features a combination of classic and contemporary coastal cuisine. Complimenting the wonderful menu is an excellent selection of wines.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-9501

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Boston's - The Gourmet Pizza

Sticking to the Italian theme with its signature gourmet pizzas and pasta's, Boston's is one of the premier Italian restaurants in Long Beach. Not only is the food great; the bar has 10 flat screen TV's for sports entertainment and playoff games!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 436-1300

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Brew-Haus Coffee & Tea

Try some of the best award winning coffees in town in a relaxing atmosphere. A perfect place to release stresses of the day, or enjoy a casual date.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 495-5050

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump, this one of a kind seafood restaurant offers succulent shrimp cuisine. Enjoy, not only shrimp and other seafood, but Cajun and Southern cuisine as well, due to the main character, Forrest, coming from Alabama.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 437-2434

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Buona Gente Restaurant

Enjoy generous portions of delicious Italian cuisine from pastas to pizzas, and appetizers, along with a great selection of wine. All meals are prepared fresh when ordered using only the finest ingredients.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 438-8763

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Buono's Authentic Pizzeria

Buono's uses the freshest ingredients in town to make their pizzas daily. Their brick oven bakes the pizzas to perfection, assuring that every pizza is made to satisfy the consumer's taste buds.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 432-2211

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Buster's Beach House and Longboard Bar

Enjoy picturesque sunsets over Alamitos Bay and the Marina. With a variety of items on our menu, you'll enjoy a delicious menu whether you're looking for a peaceful lunch or a relaxing dinner.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 598-9431

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Cafe Gazelle

An intimate gourmet Italian restaurant.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 438-5033

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Cafe Piccolo

The finest Northern Italian dining in the Long Beach area, just minutes away from downtown. Enjoy varieties of pastas, seafood, and the best Italian vegetarian cuisine one can eat. The wine selection is extravagant, with wines from California, Australian, and Italian vineyards.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 438-1316

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California Pizza Kitchen

Pizza never tasted better! CPK offers a wide variety of pizza's, pasta's and salads from all around the world. They have the traditional cheese to Jamaican Jerk pizza. A great place for a family lunch or dinner, with menu's for the kids, a bar for the adults, and great food for everyone!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 628-1800

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Looking for something to have on the go? Chik-Fil-A offers some of the best southern fast food in the city.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 425-4232

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Claire's at the Museum

With a view of the Pacific Ocean, the Queen Mary, and Catalina Island Claire's at the Museum is a perfect spot for breakfast and lunch. Claire's is best known for its creme brulee French toast, mouth watering omelets, and Claire Frankenstein's marvelous water sculpture "Structure and Flow." Come in for a cup of coffee, with the family, or on a romantic get-away, Claire's at the Museum will be sure to accommodate you with excellent service.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-2119

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Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

The largest privately owned coffee shop in America. Providing a high end and exclusive selection of coffee and tea to be enjoyed in the store or at home.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 930-0246

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Coldstone Creamery

Cool down on a hot day down with a unique twist to your ice cream. Coldstone allows one to pick and choose different ice creams and toppings to blend up into something new and creative!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 628-2343

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Corrigan's Sports Bar

Come in to have a casual drink with friends, or to watch an energetic game with real sports fans. Relax with a cocktail in a pub like environment, and dine on fare priced cuisine.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 425-5210

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Domenico's is one of Southern California's most beloved eateries, serving its famous pizza, salad and pasta at the same Belmont Shore location since 1954. Domenico's makes pizza the old fashioned way, and continues to follow the same original recipes today.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-0261

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Extreme Pizza

At Extreme Pizza, the pizza is...well Extreme! The use of fresh ingredients that no other pizzeria would use go into the oven. It's a classic Italian pizza joint with a little twist that will make your day.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 901-9700

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Famous Dave's BBQ

The winner of over three hundred awards with no wall space to display them all. This famous BBQ restaurant offers the best ribs in town, to go along with some of the best music in town. Dine with family and friends with an environment that screams fun!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 436-9260

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Fresh Foods Cafe

Because we prepare fresh food with the newest, richest ingredients, we know you'll appreciate the tender care that goes into your meal. Stop by and enjoy a delicious, wholesome meal --- freshly prepared, of course!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 980-9200

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Friscos Car Hop Bar and Grill

A one of a kind, yet typical 1950's car hop diner with great music and friendly service. Enjoy the world famous burgers, sandwiches, french-fries, and salads. Frisco's had one of the largest Cruise Nights in the nation, full of custom cars, live concerts and entertainment. It feels like Las Vegas, without the smoke or four hour drive!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 498-3663

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Frosted Cupcakery

We bake and prepare our cupcakes every day, throughout the day, using only the highest quality ingredients and spreading the rich buttercream and cream cheese frostings by hand.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 987-1080

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Garden Terrace Cafe and Patio

Palate satisfying menu offering breakfast, lunch and dinner with the comfort of traditional favorites. Enjoy your meal in a bright, comfortable environment in the restaurant or on the patio.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 425-5210

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Georges Greek Cafe

We use no shortcuts, exhibiting the greatest care and experience in preparing fresh, delicious, tender and healthy food for your enjoyment. Only the highest quality products are employed to produce these healthy, traditional, fresh, homemade Greek dishes, which are prepared daily from scratch.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-1755

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Georges Greek Cafe (2nd Street)

Enjoy home made Greek dining with a fun and energetic environment. Friday nights are known for kleftico - slow roasted lamb. Saturday nights have a vigorous vibe with belly dancing to traditional Greek music.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-1755

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Georges Greek Cafe (Pine Avenue)

Enjoy home made Greek dining with a fun and energetic environment. Friday nights are known for kleftico - slow roasted lamb. Saturday nights have a vigorous vibe with belly dancing to traditional Greek music.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 437-1184

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Views of the magnificent Queen Mary and handsome Rainbow Harbor make Gladstone's one of the best waterfront experiences with seafood. Dine on a variety of cuisines that go from seafood to chicken and steak. A pleasant environment makes it a relaxing escape from a stressful day.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 432-8588

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A great place to come in and watch the big game while having a cold beer and our famous wings!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 983-1010

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Ice Cream and Yogurt on the Boardwalk

Choose from 16 flavors of ice cream and 6 flavors of fat - free frozen yogurt. Offering fresh baked waffle cones, smoothies and sundaes.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 495-0121

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Ice Restaurant and Lounge

Indulge your senses and experience global fusion at ICE in Long Beach. This modern sushi tapas boutique culture embraces the flavors of the Orient and the Mediterranean while catering to the hip and sophisticated. Guests will have the ability to dine in our sparkling ICE white boutique lounge or enjoy a cool drink at the amazing bar. Experience the design elements of underwater ICE coral reefs from the Arctic Sea. ICE provides the "coolest" dining experience that transports you to another continent.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 495-8200

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Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks at Rainbow Harbor

Need a fun place to relax? Look no further, Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks have the best gourmet burgers and specialty drinks to offer in a fun, and tropical theme. Enjoy a two-pound basket of French fries along with burgers, perfected salads and tacos.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 436-6590

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It's A Grind Coffee House

It�s A Grind features only the highest quality whole bean specialty coffees; traditional, espresso and iced blended coffee drinks; tea and tea based drinks, hot toasted bagels, muffins, scones and other delicious bakery items.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 987-5700

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Jamba Juice

Not only can you indulge in a healthy smoothie but also delicious wraps and perfectly-crafted sandwiches.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 987-2500

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Jersey Mike's

Premium, fresh sliced meats and cheeses are piled high on fresh baked bread and finished off Mike's Way, with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil blend, red wine vinegar and spices using the same original recipe from over 50 years ago. Fresh grilled cheese steaks, made Philly style, are another specialty.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 491-1800

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Kavikas Grill & Bar

Enjoy exotic cocktails with friends or a loved one in this upscale-casual grill and bar. Enjoy sports on the 65" HDTV TV's while dining on fine California cuisine, which include some of the best wood grilled meats in the Long Beach area.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 432-8700

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KC Branaghan's

A true Irish pub in every way, KC Branaghan's was made to replicate a traditional Irish cottage pub, with lowered ceilings, and dark wood features. Serving the best in Irish beer and cuisine. Weather looking for a place to relax or wanting to hear an exciting story, KC Branaghan's pub is the place to be.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-3600

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King's Fish House

An American fish house, bound to satisfy the taste buds of any and all. A comforting atmosphere makes it the spot to come out with the family for a dinner worth the buck.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 432-7463

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L'Opera Ristorante

This restaurant offers classic and modern Italian dining. The deserts at L'Opera are award winning, and promises to make you want to order seconds. This elegant restaurant is not only a romantic retreat, but a perfect family restaurant for a family looking for tasty Italian dining.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 491-0066

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La Creperie Cafe

Few things in California feel as French as Long Beach darling, La Creperie Cafe. Owners Patrick and Dora Parmentier have mastered the art of bringing together mainstay favorites like crepes Suzette and croque monsieur and innovative dishes like the jambalaya crepe and the pinot noir salmon. Seven days a week, this French-country cafe showcases live jazz and blues performances.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-8499

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La Strada

Your visit will begin by being greeted by a friendly face, followed by the arrival of a basket of our famous bread that has just been baked in our pizza ovens. What comes next will be the most delicious home-cooked Italian food you will ever taste. From the simple and basic Penne Pomodoro to the more elaborate Lobster Ravioli, all of our dishes are cooked to your order with the freshest ingredients and with extra care.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-8100

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La Traviata Restaurant

The only restaurant in Long Beach built in the nineteenth century. It has an Opera house style set up with live performances every night by operatic singers and pianists. The cuisine is one of a kind, Nouveau Italian, traditional with a twist of a Californian style. A very friendly atmosphere makes it relaxing to sip on a glass of the award winning wine from the wine selection.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 432-8022

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Le Donut & Croissant

Delicious doughnuts baked fresh daily.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-7262

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Legends Sports Bar

Watch your favorite sports on over 30 HDTV big screen TV's. With over 100 fabulous food choices, have a fun night with the family, or enjoy a guy's night out at the bar with your desired drink.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-5743

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Legends Sports Bar and Restaurant

Voted best sports bar by Los Angeles Magazine, this sports bar serves legendary ribs, buffalo wings, burgers, salads, and chili. It also features eight big screens and four satellite dishes.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-5743

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Long Beach Broadway Pizza

Smells of spices and homemade cooking fill the air. The Long Beach Broadway Pizza restaurant had recopies that have been passed down from generations. The menu offers traditional cooking and modern dishes. Enjoy a slice of the freshly baked pizza pies with cold and refreshing beers, or your choice of domestic wine.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 901-9690

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Long Beach Cafe

Enjoy breakfast at anytime of the day. A warm home-like feeling makes Long Beach Cafe the perfect place for hearty breakfast. Dine on giant omelets, 1/2 pound hamburgers, sandwiches, and steaks.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 436-6037

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Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ

Starting from a family-owned business, Lucille's BBQ has grown into an expanding restaurant chain which offers delicious plates like Pop's Beloved Fresh Pan Blackened Catfish, Southern Fried Okra and certified Angus Beef Brisket.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-7427

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Magic Lamp Mediterranean Grill and Bakery

The best Lebanese food outside of Lebanon!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 987-3080

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Mai Tai Bar

Enjoy Long Beach's hippest bands with a Mai Tai drink in your hand. This bar has a striking view of Rainbow Harbor, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Let live music take your legs away and lighten up your evening.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 435-1200

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Margarita Grille

This restaurant offers a chill and relaxed environment to have a fun, yet filling lunch or dinner. Mexican cuisine combined with a little bit of Nuevo Latino cuisine makes this a one of a kind place to dine, along with the wonderful margaritas that are freshly made.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 437-4583

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McKenna's on the Bay

Looking for a romantic, yet stylish dinner? McKenna's on the Bay is waterfront dining at its best. With serious seafood, Steak, Oyster, and a Sushi Bar, this restaurant has class written in every dish. This restaurant offers lavish dining with a view overlooking the beautiful Alamitos Bay.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 342-9411

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Michael's on Naples Ristorante

A two floor dining experience that allows guests on the second floor to dine "al fresco" in an outdoor, sit around a fire, type set up. The cuisine is a combination of Southern and Northern Italian cooking. Enjoy a filling dinner with family or friends in a atmosphere of that is warm and relaxing.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-7080

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Morry's of Naples

This 1938 liquor store is the spot for beers, wines, and alcoholic beverages, offering not only the best in liquor but exquisite cuisine and fun fashionable gifts. A perfect place to buy beverages for any occasion, or to enjoy a relaxing dinner.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-0405

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Mr. R's Grille

Located at the Long Beach Marriott, Mr. R's Grille is an upscale restaurant with an elegant atmosphere. The menu has a variety of foods that go from Angus Beef to soups and salads. An excellent dining experience for lunch or dinner.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 425-5210

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Natraj Cuisine of India

Enjoy exotic Indian cuisine while being served by a charming, friendly staff. With a wide array of dishes available, there's plenty for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 930-0930

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Omelette Inn

When you're in a rush and want food ready to go, call ahead and the Omelette Inn will have your breakfast or lunch ready for you to go. Enjoy the freshest and finest casual dining in town with ingredients that will top any list.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 437-5625

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Open Sesame

Open Sesame has established itself as a crowd favorite for authentic Mediterranean cuisine. This Mediterranean Grill offers generous portions of tasty Lebanese Cuisine which features a variety of Charbroiled Kabobs, Lamb Chops, Filet Mignon, Chicken Tawook, Shrimp and their famous Shawarmas; and a wide selection of Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes: Hummus, Falafel, Baba Gannouj, Tabouleh, Sauteed Potatoes, Lentil Soup, Grape Leaves, and much much more.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 621-1698

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Open Sesame Mediterranean Grill

Open Sesame Mediterranean Grill offers a great selection of Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine. Chicken, beef, and vegetable plates are available for dine-in or take-out.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 621-1698

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Outback Steakhouse

Open for dinner only, this steakhouse has a distinctive Australian touch to it. With a wide variety of dishes to choose from, one will always leave satisfied and wanting to return.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 435-0002

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P.F. Chang's

A high-energy Chinese bistro with a combination of the best Chinese cuisine in town, wine, and deserts with style that will blow your mind. Experience a lunch or dinner with customs sauces created table-side. This restaurant brings the essence of China onto your table.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 308-1025

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Panama Joe's

Panama Joe's Grill and Cantina offers fine dining and live music. Entrees specialize in Sonora-style cuisine of old Mexico, but the menu includes dishes for every taste. The cantina offers live music with no cover charge.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-7417

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Busy family-friendly Italian eatery boasts traditional pastas and specialty pizzas made with secret-ingredient tomato sauce, and a boisterous atmosphere.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-4454

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Parker's Lighthouse

A full service beachfront seafood restaurant that has to offer nothing but satisfaction! The high quality seafood is prepared with precision to ensure a tasty, yet filling experience for everyone. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with family or friends and have a great time with great food!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 432-6500

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Peets Coffee & Tea

Fresh-roasted coffees, hand-selected teas and unique gifts. Peet's unique roasting style results in a rich, complex taste that no other roaster can duplicate.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-7306

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Phuket Thai Restaurant

With a seemingly never-ending menu that features tons of fresh and flavorful options, as well as service and unbeatable ambiance, it's no wonder why so many people flock to Phuket as often as possible! Serving the best Thai cuisine in town, Phuket has made a name for itself with its tremendous menu that ranges from sushi, curry entrees, rice dishes and noodle bowls to pad Thai, satays, steaks, seafood and more.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-5859

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Frozen yogurt reinvented to create an experience that indulges the senses.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 987-5472

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Polly's Gourmet Coffee

We roast our own so we can offer you the freshest, most exciting coffee you'll ever taste.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-2996

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Portfolio Coffeehouse

Among the tree-lined neighborhoods of Midtown Long Beach, Portfolio Coffeehouse renders culture, friendship and caffeine fixes to java junkies amidst an eclectic collection of people, vintage furnishings, an outdoor patio, and fine art. With two extensive rooms and a large sidewalk patio, this neighborhood coffeehouse features a lunch/brunch menu, pastries, assorted bottled specialty drinks, and all the caffeine you'd expect from your neighborhood coffeehouse.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-2486

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Powell's Sweet Shoppe

An Old-fashioned candy shop with a wide variety of treats to appease your sweet tooth.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-6105

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Rileys on 2nd

A Long Beach favorite that serves great food, including burgers, nachos and wings. This is the ideal place to grab a beer and catch a game with your friends.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 856-1612

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Ristorante Da Vinci

Located near the Long Beach airport, Ristorante Da Vinci features a theme design surrounding Leonardo DaVinci himself. This premier fine dining restaurant assures you excellent service to go along with the high-quality cuisine.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 685-8111

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Rock Bottom Restaurant

A friendly and upbeat restaurant with gleaming brewing vessels, warm woods, and earth stones, Rock Bottom offers a variety of foods that go from Fish & Chips to Texas Fire Steak and BBQ Ribs. Rock Bottom is not only a restaurant; it also has its own brewery. A place where family and friends can get together and enjoy great food with great beer, and the best service one can ask for.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 308-2255

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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Our store prepares a variety of caramel and candy apples, fudge, chocolate items and confections in full view of the customer using traditional cooking utensils such as copper kettles on gas-fired stoves and marble slab cooling tables.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-1617

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Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill

Freshly made salsa, beans, guacamole and chips are a cornerstone of Rubio's. Our all white meat chicken, lean carne asada steak, and mahi mahi are all grilled over an open flame. You even get a fresh slice of lime with every one of our World Famous Fish Tacos.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-8317

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Sevilla Restaurant, Tapas Bar and Club

One of the few restaurants that will convert into a nightclub with an exciting atmosphere. Walking distance from the Queen Mary, and Aquarium make it a hot spot for locals that like to party while sight seeing.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 495-1111

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Shore House Cafe

Enjoy authentic American, Italian, and international food favorites no matter what time of day. They're open 24 hours a day.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-2266

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Sir Winston's at the Queen Mary

Winner of the The Southern California Restaurant Writers Golden Scepter Award for Continental Cuisine, the Queen Mary's most elegant restaurant features award-winning Continental and California cuisine. You will also discover superb service, an extensive wine list and panoramic views of the coastline.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (800) 437-2934

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Smooth's Sports Grille

A premier destination for sports fans and families as well. Weather you want to watch a game with the guy's or want to come and have dinner with the family, Smooth's Sports Grille promises an environment fit for all.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 437-7700

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Starbucks Coffee

Enjoy the world-class coffee you've come to enjoy from a name recognized all around the world.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 438-7712

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Stefano's Pizza and Pasta

A hot spot for tourists from all around the world, Stefano's Pizza and Pasta has some of the best to offer in Long Beach. With a menu full of pizzas, pasta's, calzones, sandwiches, and salads not only locals but tourists come back for more.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 437-2880

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Sunnin Lebanese Cafe

The atmosphere at Sunnin Lebanese Cafe is such that you feel like you are sitting in their home kitchen at a family gathering. Their menu offers a variety of Lebanese dishes such as kebbeth bil sayniyeh (two layers finely ground beef and burguk stuffed with minced beef, onions, and pine nuts), chicken kefta (finely ground chicken with chopped onions and parsley, seasoned with a blend of spices), bastilla (fillet of chicken seasoned with ginger and baked in filo dough) and spicy kefta (grilled kefta kebab baked in a tomato sauce with herbs).

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-9000

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Super Mex

Popular for the "Super Mex" burritos, delicious combination plates and legendary salsa, this is a great place to bring your family for an authentic, lively environment.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-4489

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Sushi Saurus

Come enjoy a variety of sushi and other dishes. Get an ice cold beer as a perfect complement.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-1950

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Suzanne's du Rivage Creperie

Our crepes are made-to-order in the authentic French tradition with all-natural ingredients. Our salad dressings are made fresh in-house without preservatives. Get ready to experience the delicious culture of France on the sandy shore of Southern California!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 433-3718

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Sweet Jill's

As you walk down Main Street, you'll smell the sweet aromas wafting from this bakery. Macrons, almond biscotti, cinnamon buns, coconut frosting, and all variations of brownies are available among other tasty sweets and breads. Coffee and espresso options available, too.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 438-4945

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Taco Surf

Enjoy tasteful, crunchy tacos topped with a cold beer - without breaking the bank. Stop by for Happy Hour!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-8646

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Tea Garden Restaurant

Their expert and friendly team of baristas await to serve you hundreds of varieties of delicious bubble tea.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 438-8378

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Tequila Jack's

Tequila Jack's has something for everyone, from tacos and tostadas to tequila-glazed baby-back ribs! The menu is a mouth-watering collection of innovative, Baja-style Mexican dishes, and the refreshments are unmatched. At Tequila Jack's, you can sample one of 125 tequilas or cool off with a specialty margarita.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 628-0454

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The Chelsea at the Queen Mary

A lavish seafood restaurant located in the Queen Mary, the Chelsea offers award winning cuisine with a view that is breathtaking. Enjoy fresh food with excellent service in an upscale, yet casual environment.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (800) 437-2934

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The Crab Pot Restaurant and Bar

Enjoy waterfront seating in a casual milieu. Seafood prepared fresh and served with admirable service. This restaurant is great for the family or to have a drink or two with the friends.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 430-0272

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The Funnel House

Enjoy the best funnel cakes in town, along with a variety of ice creams, cookies, and authentic homemade churros. A warm home like feeling will ensure a great visit, and a glass of the cool lemonade to cool you down.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 901-1835

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The Pizza Place & Garden Cafe

A family owned restaurant for more than 30 years, and the winner of the Los Angeles County's best pizza, make the Pizza Place & Garden Cafe an automatic hot spot. 4 flat screen TV's placed throughout the dinning area allow you to enjoy sports while dinning. The menu consists of pizzas, pasta's, salads and chicken entrees. Enjoy your food with a cold domestic or imported beer or a glass of one of the many wines the restaurant has to offer.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 432-6000

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The Promenade Cafe at the Queen Mary

Dine aboard the Queen Mary, in one of the best Cafe's in town. The Promenade Cafe is the winner of the Sterling Silver Award for American Cuisine. Enjoy an Angus Steak lunch or dinner with a beautiful view of the city of Long Beach.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 435-3511

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The Reef Restaurant

Dine at waterfront verandas overlooking the magnificent Downtown Long Beach skyline. The Reef specializes in prime steak, while having a huge selection of the freshest seafood in an environment with Victorian Decor.

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The Sky Room Restaurant

Atop one of the finest hotels in the Long Beach area, the Sky Room gives one a 360 degree view of Long Beach City, and the Harbor. The newly renovated Art Deco design brings you back to the 30's and 40's, a Supper Club era. An extravagant dinner complimented by a beautiful sunset.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 983-2703

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Tides On Pine Restaurant

Located in the Hyatt, the Tides on Pine restaurant offers delicious American cuisine. Healthy and freshly produced ingredients are the keys to all the dishes, and perfection is a must in all.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 491-1234

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Tokyo Wako

Enjoy the finest food cooked to precision right at your table! A perfect restaurant for family, friends, or business meetings. A full sushi bar to feed the pickiest of taste buds. Try the beef, chicken, or fresh vegetables seasoned with exotic Japanese spices.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 435-7600

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Tracht's at the Renaissance

Located in the newly renovated Renaissance hotel, Tracht's offers a wide variety of signature steaks served with inspired sauces and side dishes. Enjoy a glass of the award winning wine from the exceptional wine list, while having dinner in a friendly environment.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 499-2533

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Trump National Golf Club

The Trump National Gold Club speaks for itself. It has world famous restaurants with service that will sweep you of your feet. Luxury at its best is shown at this Club. It serves as an excellent getaway for business travelers with some time on their hands.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (310) 303-3216

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Utopia Restaurant

A classy restaurant with a friendly structure, with Californian cuisine inspired from all around the world. Whether dining in a group or with a loved one, this restaurant has comfort and class.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 432-6888

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Vin De Pays

Feast your eyes on the hundreds of award winning wines sold at valuable prices! Sample some of the best the city of Long Beach has to offer, with a no-nonsense, full service, and friendly environment.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 495-4499

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Vintage Tea Leaf

A relaxing atmosphere of a European tea room, to sooth all your worries away. With fresh dining and a friendly staff.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 435-5589

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Viva Cafe

Looking for Latin American food? Viva Cafe is the place to sample the best Latin American cooking in Long Beach. Viva offers graceful outdoor seating as well as casual indoor seating. It is the place to be at if you are with family, friends or just plain old business.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 492-9555

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Wokcano Asian Restaurant

Wokcano Asian Restaurant has some of the best Asian dining in Long Beach. With dishes that include fresh sushi, creative maki rolls, and a wide variety of the Asian cultures most popular foods. The restaurant offers the best of Asian-Inspired cocktails, wines and sake. A restaurant where family and friends alike can get together for a great time.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 951-9652

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Yard House

Overlooking Rainbow Harbor, the Yard House offers American fusion cuisine along with the world's largest selection of premium draft beer. Savor the talents of award-winning Chef Carlito Jocson, enjoy al fresco dining along the waterfront patio or slip away to the quiet confines of the Harbor Room.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 628-0455

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Yen Sushi & Sake Bar

Offers a plethora of rolls, oysters on the half shell, curry and udon, as well as sushi combinations. If you love miso soup, indulge in their lobster tail version, which mixes the best of both worlds when it comes to texture and flavor. The lunch menu combos include a five-piece sushi meal with a roll or salad, or hearty entr�es such as grilled salmon, steak or ribs.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 434-5757

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The top self-serve frozen yogurt store where you get your frozen yogurt the way you want it. By mixing nuts, fruits, cereals, and candy with your selection, you become the architect of your frozen yogurt creation.

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 439-2500

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Z Pizza

Lighter, healthier, delicious and creative - the home of the organic pizza!

Visit Website | Driving Directions | (562) 987-4500

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